The Mystical Garden Of Napocor.

Once upon a time there was a mystical garden that lies in the heart of an unknown island. People were afraid to go near in that mystical garden because it looked so majestic and it was so bright. The light that it produced was enough to make the unknown island and the nearby island make it seems like they’re on fire. But since no one was brave enough to go near, the light that it produced remains in the mystical garden alone and the whole island was pitched dark.

Until one day, a brave man came along. He approached the mystical garden and asked “can you give me some of your light?”. “Why would i give you my light?”, asked the mystical garden. “I can used it in my everyday life. Your light will help me brighten my surroundings even at night. I can still work at night with the help of your light. Your light will make my life more easier”, answered the man. The brave man seems to convinced the mystical garden that it did agree to give him some of its light.

A few more days later some people also approached the mystical garden and they told the same thing. The mystical garden was so happy because people were not afraid anymore. It was so happy that it didn’t notice that slowly its light started to run out until there’s only one ray of light left for it. The mystical garden felt so sad. It was so sad that its light were fading out.

Then one day the brave man came back. “Hello my mystical garden friend. Why are you so sad?”, the brave man asked. The mystical garden was hesitant to answer. “Your light was fading”, said the brave man. “I only have one ray of light left for me. I gave you some but why do you have to tell other people about it?”, the sad mystical garden asked. The brave man walked in the heart of the garden and said “yes, i did tell people that you gave me your light. I told them because i also want to make their life easier. I want them to have the kind of life that i have because of what you have given me. You’re sad because you only have one ray of light? Why don’t you try to look around you and tell me what do you see”. The mystical garden did what the brave man told. It looked around and rain started to fall because the mystical garden was crying. “You have one ray of light left but if you look around you all the people in different islands have your light and it was so bright that we can almost light the entire sky. You shouldn’t be sad because you’re not alone anymore. By giving us your light you scattered hope in our life and now we can be a mighty light because we are one.”

The mystical garden realized what the brave man said and from then on they all live brightly ever after.