“You’re a high-maintenance  girl”, “You have an attitude problem”, and so on and so forth. I am used to hearing those words from people who didn’t make time to get to know me. They’re talking as if they knew me for so long when in fact they didn’t know me at all. I’ve been enjoying my single life for almost four years now. Men who tried to flirt with me often tells me that “Oh, you’re pretty enough to not have a boyfriend” and I was like “which book stated that Pretty women should have a partner?”. I have my reasons why i choose to be single.

I am 24, I have a life and a lot of opportunities right in front of me. I have a career that I need to stabilize. I have bills and obligations that I needed to address first. But these are not the reasons why I choose to be part of #teamsingle. I am single because I am waiting for the right man, Oh C’mon that’s too classy. I am an alpha woman from a millennial era I won’t wait for my Prince Charming to come along. I am single because I am still looking for someone who is man enough to handle my big personality. I don’t need a Prince Charming who only knows how to smile sweetly, who only makes me alive when he kisses me and who will fall for me in one glimpse. I am not a Princess for pete’s sake. I am a Queen because I rule my own world, my own life. What I am waiting for is not a Prince but a King. Someone who can conquer my world not to destroy it but who will share his entire kingdom with me. Some men thinks that women fall for someone who can protect them, who will shield them in every harm that comes their way but not for me. I want someone who will let me protect myself and who will allow me to fight my own battles while he is at my side. Who will encourage me to bring out the dragon sleeping within me. I want someone who will let me fly. Someone who is not afraid to let me soar above the sky. Who will let me laugh at my hearts content. Who will let me write poetry and recites it to him. And someone who will let me rest my soul at his chest when everything is alright.

These are some of the reasons why I am still single. Men are afraid to women like me. They think that no one can satisfy my needs. No one can reach my standards. I will always be too much of something to them. I won’t lower my standards just to invite men who can’t handle me in the end. I won’t change my perspectives in order for them to like me. This is me. All I want is just to be me. I want someone who can accept my flaws. Who will see me as God’s masterpiece in progress. Lastly, who will love me perfectly even if I am in perfect.


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